Courtesans Amsterdam are the most desired escorts

The escorts in Amsterdam are highly appreciated by romanian customers, but also by foreigners who come to contry for both business and pleasure journeys.

It is no wonder that lately there is an increasing tendency of the demand for luxury escorts that offer complex services of non-sexual and/or sexual nature.

Why are deluxe Amsterdam escorts different?

Many of the Amsterdam escorts are young, refined women with a high level of education and providing top services for those customers wishing to be accompanied by agreeable and intelligent women at meetings, parties, in luxury venues , concerts or trips.

The services of a professional escort can be rented by the hour, for a night/day, for a weekend or even for a longer period of time.

Those who wish for a particular escort must, however, should not contact the desired escort on the last minute, because they risk not being able to enjoy her services.

Because currently the demand is very high, the well-quoted professionals have their agenda full.

A top escort is differentfrom a prostitute

A luxury escort is an independent self-employed person who differentiate from a prostitute, who always offers strictly sexual services and nothing more, often in a sordid hotel room.

A socially well-positioned client will not afford the risk of going out with a prostitute at a restaurant, a party, because they will be mocked by from the people around them.

The fear of ridiculously, alongside the risk of being disconspirated, makes many men with financial means above average to avoid hiring prostitutes.

These unpleasant things will never happen when hiring a luxury escort, who knows that discretion is what the client primarily seeks to do. Which is why she will appear in public as a friend, colleague, possibly as afiancee or business partner of the client who hired her.

Men arriving in Amsterdam from another city in the country or from abroad for business seeks a luxury escort to accompany him to various business events, including fairs and conferences, parties, private meals.

The fact that he is accompanied by an educated woman with an agreeable presence, can only raise that client’s share in front of those with whom he comes into contact in various situations.

Choose the luxury escort you like on!

Men who want to be accompanied by an intelligent and good looking escort should get in touch with an agency such as Courtesans Amsterdam, because in this way he will have the certainty that he will not be fooled and will not experience unpleasant situations.

There are numerous cases where escorts offer 100 percent non-sexual services and receive money just to be elegant, have some perfect outfits, a discreet makeup, to be enjoyable, smile and have  smart conversations with the client and with the persons the client comes in contact with.

A top professional escort always gets invited at special events, alwaysgoes out to fancy restaurants where she meetsinteresting people.

Escorts working in an agency are more protected by the fact that the company’s representatives will make a preliminary selection of customers in order to avoid the occurrence of unpleasant situations.


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